Thrilled to see you around! You might be wondering who am I? I would say I’m a bit of an explorer and a researcher. Sort of like Dora the Explorer but without the repetitive songs. Sometimes a detective or a wannabe spy. There’s also a dreamer in me: a dreamer of a better world, a wanderer, and a perfectionist on occasion–mostly when it’s work-related. I am also a lover of nature ( it never ceases to amaze me!) 

Like you, I crave a deeper connection with myself, my body, and nature. To me, it all works together in perfect harmony, we just need to find the right combination.

If I were to try to connect the dots from where I started to get interested in holistic nutrition until today, I would have created an abstract work of art with a lot of twists. I’ve spent many years, since I switched professions from education to nutrition, learning about the body, nourishment strategies, and how food plays a critical role in our health.

I am here to share the power of conscious eating and living with wonderful people like you. This is my mission and the reason I created Naturally Dani. 

Thank you for joining me on this journey! I guess we will never know what kind of elementary teacher I would’ve been! But you can find out what kind of health coach I am now

(Hint: A really good one!)

Much love and veggies,


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